Coffee Pods

Blister of 18 portions of espresso pre-ground and packaged individually and hermetically in a modified atmosphere in order to keep the flavor intact and protect the product from external elements. The available versions are: espresso, decaffeinated, single origin (Ethiopia, Columbia, S. Domingo, Brazil) and flavored (Irish, Sambuca, vanilla, amaretto, chocolate and soon gin seng).


  Espresso coffee pod  
  Decaffeinated coffee pod  
  Single origin pod Ethiopia  
Single origin pod Columbia
Single origin pod S. Domingo
single origin pod Brazil
Single origin

  Irish coffee pod Flavored
  Espresso coffee pod Sambuca  
  Espresso coffee pod vanilla  
  Espresso coffee pod Amaretto  
  Espresso coffee pod Chocolate  
  Espresso coffee pod Gin Seng  

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