La passione di una vita

When he was a child his favorite game was to make espresso with the machine used in bars... and he enjoyed it like crazy! It was to be expected that a man like this would bet on coffee...

Riccardo Spinnato, 30, is today the owner with his parents and his brother Roberto, of a chain of bars in Palermo, being the Antico Caffè located in Via Principe di Belmonte an outstanding one. It was named best bar in Italy by Gambero Rosso and at the Festival of Rimini as well. His family forms part of the recent history of costume in the city of Palermo. In 1860 Salvatore Spinnato built a small bakery in the Arab quarter of Zisa. And like this, generation after generation, Mario - with his sons Roberto and Riccardo - started in 1970 several selling points including bars and pastry shops in the so called "salon" of Palermo - between the Theater Politeama and Via Principe di Belmonte.

But Riccardo, restless and curious, now understands that the future lies in recovering- under the sign of quality – the Arabic roots of Panormita people ... starting with coffee, his first great passion. As a great connoisseur of each publication and an imaginative storyteller he is able to retrieve the secrets from the "Old People" and has returned to the roasters and the mixtures, and strives to recreate ancient aromas lost in a succession of proposals of "Proustian" flavour.

His passion is expressed in tasting blends, comparing fragrances and offering combinations able to seduce any palate. Combining precious and aromatic Arabica and Robusta (clearly favoring the rarest), he selects raw materials, roasts according to the mix and introduces new technologies ... always in search for the excellence, the coffee will be soft and aromatic, strong but not aggressive!