The first plants of Coffea were found in the region of Ethiopia called Kaffa ...

Fra storia e leggenda

Several theories link the coffee to human history and its origins. The case is supported by the fact that the oldest findings of Homo Sapiens occurred in central- eastern Africa. This location is not far from the first plants of Coffea that were found in the region of Ethiopia called Kaffa. Various legends are related to this strange coincidence that form the background of the history of coffee. One such legend says that as the shepherd Kaldi was grazing his stock, he accidentally discovered the effects of coffee berries and leaves had on his sheep. Driven by curiosity, he tried them. Frightened by the effects of caffeine, he brought them to a convent of monks and considered them as a work of an evil curse, threw the coffee beans on the fire to destroy them. But it was at that moment that coffee was able to be passed down to the present day. As the coffee beans burned a delightful aroma shone out, and thanks to the "primordial" roasting that convinced the monks to use it as a drink to face the vigils for the prayers thanks precisely to its rejuvenating properties.

In fact, coffee is far from fascinating legends. It was not immediately extracted and processed in ways that now characterized by our times, but were initially consumed as whole berries. After the seeds were extracted, minced and then mixed with animal fat they were eaten to ease the stress of long trips. It was not until 1000 AD that Arabs began to serve it as a tea, boiling the beans still green into the water. Subsequently, they learned to roast it and grind it ... It is from here that the first coffee shops and the diffusion of the coffee culture were born. The diffusion first began in Italy and later spread throughout Europe.